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whta is meant by Coining

Coining is the squeezing of metal while it is confined in a closed set of dies.

A workpiece is placed a confined die. A movable punch is located within the die. The action of this punch cold works the material and can form intricate features.

This process is used to produce coins, medallions and other similar products on flat stock with relief features. Very fine detail can be reproduced. Pressures as high as 1375 MPa (200,000 psi) is required to generate very fine features.


Subject Priority list for GATE only

Subject Priority list for GATE only
1. SOM
2. TOM
3. Math
4. Industrial Engineering
5. Manufacturing
6. Design
7. Fluid Mechanics
8. Heat Transfer
9. Thermodynamics
10. RAC
11. IC Engine
12. Power plant (With nuclear power)
13. Engineering materials
14. Computer related.


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Gate Mechanical Engineering Questions with Solutions Explanation

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Industrial Engineering S K Mondal’s Notes for gate ies and other public exams

S K Mondal’s

Industrial Engineering
Chapter 1: Forecasting
Chapter 2: Routing, Scheduling, etc.
Chapter 3: Line Balancing
Chapter 4: Break Even Analysis
Chapter 5: PERT and CPM
Chapter 6: Inventory Control
                 ABC Analysis
                 EOQ Model
Chapter 7: Materials Requirement Planning
                    Job design
                   Job Standards
Chapter 8: Work Study
                     Motion Study and Motion Economy
                       Work Measurement (Time Study)
                                 Predetermined Motion Time System
Chapter 9: Plant Layout
                     Type of Plant Layout
                    Product Layout
                        Functional Layout

                     Process Layout
                           Fixed Position Layout
                              Work Flow Diagram
                                 Flow Process Chart
                          Computerized Techniques for Plant Layout
                                 CORELAP, CRAFT, ALDEP, PLANET, COFAD, CAN-Q
Chapter 10: Quality Analysis and Control
                              Statistical Quality Control
                          Control Chart
                           Control Chart for Variables
                       X– Chat and R – Chart
                         Control Chart for Variables
                              C – Chart and P – Chart
Chapter 11: Process Capability
                             Operation Characteristic Curve (OC Curve)
                            Sampling Plan (Single, Double, Sequential Sampling Plan)
                       Work Sampling
                          Total Quality Management (TQM)
                        Just in Time (JIT)
                                   Operations Research
Chapter 12: Graphical Method
Chapter 13: Simplex Method
Chapter 14: Transportation Model
Chapter 15: Assignment Model
Chapter 16: Queuing Model
Chapter 17: Value Analysis for Cost/Value
Chapter 18: Miscellaneous
                Wages Plan, Depreciation
                Load Chart, Mass Production
                    Gantt Chart

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Download marine books for free.::MarineNotesclassiv::.
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